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There Shall Come New Meadows

                Welcome to this site and to the information that I share here freely.  
    My personal recommendation is that you download the Free e-book file on the right side, beneath the photo of the book cover.  It contains most everything published here, plus much more.  
     May I tell you that this book, titled : And the Door shall be Opened, was an unplanned delivery, at-least consciously so. The two stories I share at the end of the book are True accounts and detailed personal descriptions of Actual experiences that I was blessed with as a younger man in the early 1970's.  The reader may find these stories and writings thought provoking and even controversial in some areas. However, it remains the hope of this author that they be received as hopeful and inspiring to the reader and seeker on any level. As to the writings presented here, I refer to them as ~offerings~  being that they are Truth to me alone and offered as such. That being said, I never intend to intrude upon the consciousness of any man and I wish you peace. Thank you for your time here.  
                                                      james francis

      Behold  There shall come new Meadows
         and t
he Flowering of the Seeds of Love Divine
shall be nurtured into fruition.

pon then the horizon comes first, the humbling.
  I am the spirit of everyman
  and I shall not sleep in that hour
    when the bow breaks from the ship
     and thy world is plunged into darkness.
And there shall be heard a terrible noise upon the earth
         and in darkness still
       shall the earth let forth her shield.
       And in the shifting of her body to face the new sun,
         comes the gathering of new waters about her curves,
            and in her settling shall man seek new ground.
    The climb shall be great and in his struggle
   the weight shall be heavy.
  So shall he let go of hate
    for it has no Truth within it,
  and is but a prison of shadow and fear.
In its stead, thy Brotherhood is born anew.

Behold the pruning of the trees of Greed and Power,
thy bark has been stripped from thee
    and thy trunk lies empty.
  Your limbs twisted around the necks of man,
binding him with chains, but no more.

 you are cut down and without roots,
and wither as your time is done.
And the fruits thereof are without merit and serve you no more
except as now, be it that of a stepping stone
  to a fairer vision of thy Oneness.

In the Dawning of the new earth,
when the storms have ceased and the ash and winds have settled,
    shall you then, Children of the Arc, builders and carpenters of the Bridge,
     Come forth from among the shadows for yours is the New Dawn.
 And Glorious is this Good News.
       for Behold the Heavens shall be parted
    and in the lifting of the Veil, All who will may see
    The Truth of all Life,
        whose Breath is upon the rising of thy Morning Star.
        In thy vision unfolds the sun but look ye again,
      and let thy Joy be great
          for There upon the Horizon in Divine Streams,
          Is the Sun of The Holy One.

        Stand then Pillars of the Temple,
         Prepare then the Way for His Return.
         Gather in new circles of Brotherhood.
       You are the Seeds of Rebirth,
        the Harbingers of New Wisdom.
     Lend to each other thy hand in comfort, helpfulness, and in Peace.
       For from the ashes the star within man rises,
      and New laws shall be written upon the scrolls of mans journey.
       Those tendered from the heart and tempered in the spirit of mercy,
      and fostered in the Light of Divine Love.
         For He Shall Come,
             and many more shall he call to go forth with Him,
          indeed shall all man hear His calling.
         For The Father of Life is Endless Love and Spirit,
       and We are the Seeds thereof.
         And The Presence of Our Father
   shall be clothed in The Divine Sun of Our Brother,
        and The True Sun of God will lead us
        into an Awakening.